At Writech Leading the industry in

designing the perfect fire protection system

manufacturing, installing and servicing

developing careers, expertise and skills

We have the most up to date 3D REVIT and industry leading software, together with bespoke internally developed APPs and Databases to ensure we design and construct the best systems possible. We can offer any fire fixed fire protection system to protect your premises from fire. If your premises is a Warehouse, Datacentre, Retail Shop, Apartment Block or Manufacturing Plant, we have a system to protect your property.

Writech is an industry leader in bespoke fixed water based and gaseous fire protection systems. Writech offer a one-stop-shop for design, engineering and installation of a bespoke system for our clients. With nearly 40 years of experience and over 100 dedicated employees, Writech prides itself on a complete offering to our client. Writech will design, manufacture, install, test, commission and maintain the perfect fire protection system for your site.

It is our people who design, manufacture, install and maintain the fire protection systems we have developed. It is our people who ensure every system is quality checked and maintained to the highest standard. Writech have invested heavily in our internal training procedures and new training hub to develop the skills of our employees to be the best at what we do. We continuously strive to improve all aspects of our processes to make working safer, easier and more efficient.


National and
International clients


Accredited fire



What we provide

We pride ourselves in delivering industry experts that produce tailored fire protection systems manufactured to your exact specifications.

Engineering and design

Our team of experts and specialist will work with you to develop the perfect solution for your business. Writech’s quality of output is not matched anywhere in the industry.

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With nearly 40 years of experience, Writech combines unparalleled industry knowledge with state-of-art technology. This combination has led to consistent innovation and product growth.

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Once the specification and manufacturing are complete, our installation team will fit your bespoke fire protection system in the shortest lead time.

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To ensure quality, the Writech team will develop a bespoke service and maintenance product to allow your team peace of mind in the workplace, when ensuring your system is ready to tackle any fire.

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We firmly believe Writech is only as good as its people. That’s why we’re committed to offering all our employees the best technology and working conditions. We take culture very seriously and strive to ensure our team members have their voices heard to propel our company’s culture.

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To change is
to change often
is to PERFECT!

Why choose Writech

We’re a family-run business with nearly 40 years of experience and the forefront of the fire protection industry and are committed to finding a bespoke solution to your business needs.

Bespoke fire protection

Our team of dedicated,
industry-leading designers and
engineers are ready and
waiting to begin working on a
fire protection solution that is
devised especially for your
business specifications.

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Innovation and culture is at our core

We are working hard to
develop the best culture for our
employees. We believe the
internal continuous feedback is
essential to ensure we hear
what our employees want.
We’re committed to collecting
our peoples and clients
feedback through the latest
technology and using this feedback to innovate, to improve
safety, quality and reduce
waste while improving our
people’s work experience.

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Fully certified –
quality assured

Our team is fully certified in fire
protection, fire alarm and
sprinkler systems. Read more
about our qualifications; please
see here.

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National and
international experts

Our home in Mullingar, Ireland,
acts as our HQ. However, we
currently have locations in the
UK, Sweden, Germany and
Norway. We will continue to
service clients throughout the
UK, mainland European and
broader global markets

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